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User Agreement

Welcome to our big family of

(1): Once you login in the web , you can make order , check order , participate in any discount , talk any you think. Do remember you ID . It is the only one that we can recognize you. Any complaint ,problems and order record will be solved follow this ID. You can more convenient to enter the web using this ID.
Other more, login member can accumulate your order point. If reach to one requirement , there will be some gift and discount to present.

(2): User name can be any code name that familiar for you . We suggest you put in the real information. We will keep secret for you .So that we can delivery on time , provide all service for you and contact with you urgently .

(3): When you forget your password , please press the link “Forget”,then put in your user name and there will send the password to your register email automatic. Next time please input a new and can be remembered keyword.

(4): In  , the VIP member is wholesale clients. They will be given the wholesale price.(How to get VIP right please consult the online service.)

● VIP Service :
1、VIP member can be given wholesale price and see all wholesale price anytime.
2、More better and quickly to know the phone market.
3、More better after sale service.
4、Can be give more quickly and priority delivery.

If you click "Agree",it means you agree all our rules in "Help" item.

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